Learn Version Control with Git

Version control systems are essential for any form of distributed, collaborative development. Whether it is the history of a wiki page or large software development project, the ability to track each change as it was made, and to reverse changes when necessary can make all the difference between a well managed and controlled process and an uncontrolled ‘first come, first served’ system. It can also serve as a mechanism for due diligence for software projects.

Join us in this seminar to learn more on how Version Control System can be used by programmers and non-programmers alike to speed up their day-to-day tasks.


Limited seats, only 80 JGEC students on first come first serve basis.

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Dipak Kole

HOD of CSE Dept., JGEC

Topic: Need for VCS

Suvojit Manna

Technical Head of Coders Club, JGEC

Topic: Basic usage of Git

Susmita Dutta

Secretary of Coders Club, JGEC

Topic: Open source development

Event Partners

Event Coordinators

Somnath Rakshit


4th Year, CSE DEPT.

Harsh Agarwal


4th Year, CSE DEPT

Chandra Churh Chatterjee


2nd Year, CSE DEPT.